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When it comes to engagement rings, we typically spend our time talking about diamonds and precious gemstones. There are so many shapes and sizes and intricate designs. But one of the toughest decisions women say they come across when selecting their engagement ring is deciding on what color to choose for their band. And when you think about it – it’s truly one of the most important decisions. If you’ve worn any type of jewelry, you know that yellow gold does not go with everything – nor does white gold or rose gold. They not only don’t mesh well with all types of clothing – but they don’t work with each other in separate pieces. And since you will wear your wedding rings every day with everything, most women feel like this decision means they will have to forego other jewelry pieces for the rest of their foreseeable future. But finally the newest fashion trend is putting this dilemma to rest.

Two-tone engagement rings are the hottest new trend. They allow women to accessorize with all types of other jewelry pieces and they are also very complimentary to most styles. Vanna K has joined this revolution, adding her own beautiful twist. In this featured two-tone beauty, you see rose gold united with white gold in an extraordinary design that is classic Vanna K craftsmanship. The white gold could stand on its own as a gorgeous ring. But the rose gold has been added in a most exquisite way. Instead of simply being layered next to each other, the rose gold’s intricate hand engravings and elegant, hand-crafted swirls add true romance to this union. With stunning miligrain edging, this union swirls together as if they were truly made for each other.

You no longer have to make that difficult choice. You now have the option of selecting a style that can stay with you through every trend and coordinate with all you need through a lifetime of loving wear. “Now you don’t have to choose. You can have the best of all worlds!” – Vanna K

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